The DOs And DON’Ts Of Finding A Solid Office 365 Partner

These days, many companies look at Office 365 as a solid business solution. With that said, there are constant changes that require having a partner available to help manage things. If you are in Malaysia and you are looking for a reliable Office 365 partner, the following list of dos and don’ts should be quite helpful.

DO make sure that you find a Malaysia partner that has plenty of experience. Things like migrations take a great deal of expertise. If something is not done as it should be, it can cause snags in the way that your company operates. You should probably look for a partner that has been working with Office 365 for at least 2-3 years.


When you are trying to determine whether or not someone has enough experience, you should certainly think about the number of projects they have completed. You should also look at the variety of project types they have worked on. Also, taking their word for it is not enough; you need to request references.

DON’T sign up with the first seemingly viable candidate that comes your way. When you are seeking help, it can get pretty frustrating, but be patient and focus on finding a partner that is a great fit. The best way to ensure you make a wise choice would be to consider at least 4-5 different partners. There are numerous options in Malaysia, so it should not be impossible to locate more than one.

DO shy away from larger agencies if you are looking for more flexibility. Many people do not realize this, but working with partners from bigger firms means that they will have the tendency to be more rigid. Smaller companies tend to have fewer people knocking on their doors, which means they are eager to please and will be more focused on meeting their client’s needs.

DON’T allow your budget to tether you to a company that is not the best around. Trying to walk away with more money in your pocket should not be your goal. You need to focus on finding a company that offers a great combination of service and value. Having the latter without the former is essentially useless. This does not mean that comparison shopping is not wise, but cost should not be the first factor taken into consideration.

DO look for a company that offers support after delivery. As was mentioned earlier, Office 365 changes all of the time and it is imperative that you will be able to reach out if you hit any snags. Companies that do not offer this should be stricken from your list.

Finding a partner may seem like a process that will be long, tedious and tiring. The best thing to do would be to remember all of the main points here when you are conducting your search. They should lead you to a partnership that will be in the best interest of you and your company.

Tuition in Malaysia

The growing demand of tuition in Malaysia has become rampant in the recent past. Many families have pooled their thoughts together and decided to enroll their children on private tuition over public tuition. Many entrepreneurs have taken advantage and made it a business opportunity which has been embraced by many.
Reasons for the growing demand of tuition in Malaysia

Competition among students
Students have to compete among themselves to get spot at the higher education system of Malaysia. The higher institutions demand a certain tests score and grades for a student to be accepted in either a Public or Private university. Many parents are therefore convinced that they have to engage a one-on –one private teacher to coach the children in order to attain the grades required.
Teacher to student ratio
It has been evident that another major cause for the growing demand of tuition in Malaysia is the increasing number of students against the number of teachers. The students are too mandownload (3)
y for the teachers and therefore students do not get the individual attention that is required. It is believed that every student has different potential from the other and different levels of intelligence. The levels of understanding and comprehension are different. It has therefore become necessary for the Malaysian students to seek private tuition in order to learn at a pace that the student is comfortable with.
Ease of studying at home
The growing demand of tuition in Malaysia has also been accelerated by availability of internet services in homes. This allows students to get study resources in the internet and materials which may not be available in the public institutions. The comfort of learning in homes is also advantageous to the students as it gives them flexibility of hours. For example they can get a snack when they need and engage in sporting activities in between the studies. The students also have an opportunity to study for more hours unlike the public institutions where the timings are restricted. Internet mode of study has a plat form for asking questions and getting real time answers. This has attracted many students to demand for tuition in Malaysia.
Good reputation for the local communities
The Malaysians find it difficult at times to engage a tutor for their child. This is because of the risk that the tutor may not deliver. The parents have therefore turned to online platforms which can be tailored to meet the needs of the students.
Outdated infrastructure in schoolsimages (4)
Malaysia has been faced with low developments in the education institutions. The students therefore do not have the tools necessary for competitive learning. This factor has also skyrocketed the demand for tuition in Malaysia.
The tuition mode of learning has proved to be efficient due to the benefits accrued to it. The students create a friendly environment with the students, increases confidence among the students where they can ask questions freely and solve complex problems. If the tuition is helping your child improve on grades why not go for it? The main goal is to ensure the student secures a place in prestigious high institutions of learning. Private tuition is the way to go, hence the growing demand for tuition in Malaysia. You can check online for a tuition website.